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Organizing Your Small Home

Living in a small space, whether it's a tiny urban loft or a little country cottage, requires superb organizational skills and the ability to edit, edit, edit possessions. Nothing throws limited storage into chaos as quickly as trying to stuff more into closets than you have space for.

Often, living in a small house means you know first hand how tiny some of the original closets were. Back in the day the inhabitant of that 10 ft. square bedroom probably had a bed (likely a twin), a small chest, possibly a little chair and a bedside table and lamp. In the closet, they had two pairs of shoes ... one for everyday and one pair for church on Sunday. Several sets of clothes hung on hooks most likely had ample space in the miniscule closet.

Kitchens, bath, and every other room in the house pose their own dilemmas. And that doesn't begin to cover the issue of electronics!

We'll investigate strategies for making the most of the space you have and make suggestions for decluttering and simplifying your home and life.

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