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Remodeling & Building a Small House

1926 Cornice detailSmall house improvement projects are as ubiquitous as any other house ... just on a slightly smaller scale.

Two aspects though stand out with respect to little house remodeling though. One is planning. Planning is important before starting any home improvement project, but in a small home it's absolutely critical to design for maximum efficiency and usability.

Storage is often a key aspect that determines the success or failure of your project. Spend the time on the front end, with a qualified designer if necessary, to account for every square inch. You'll find creative, interesting ways to maximize your home's footprint and enhance your lifestyle.

The second aspect is the advantage that limited size confers on the small house homeowner. With less square footage and a great plan, you can create an elegant jewelbox of a house that is not only comfortable, but which can have upgraded finishes and materials that might otherwise be prohibitively expensive. By shopping for remnants of carpet, linoleum, or granite counters you might easily create a high-end kitchen for a relatively modest cost.

In this section, we'll explore materials, decorating, and projects that will help you make your next remodeling job a success whether it's inside your house or out.

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