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The following is an annotated list of kit home companies that build small houses. We should note that this is a list of places to live ... which means that our selection includes buildings with kitchens and bathrooms ... they might be small but they have the basic necessities.

BlueskyMod Canada Ultramodern cottage box. Variations on a theme. Requires contacting them for info. Little info in PDFs on site so you'll have more questions than answers.
Bungalow In A Box Maine Tiny houses with a weather-tight exterior don't get much simpler. Perfect for those living on the East Coast. Basic gable-ended timberframe designs can be expanded easily.
Cusato Cottages New York These cute, small cottage-style houses are famous as the Katrina Cottages. Choose your plan online, then work out the details, including financing, at Lowes.
IdeaBox Oregon Cubic, modern boxes can be assembled to create small, custom homes. Green design and materials. Contact the company for specific info, because the site doesn't go into much detail.
California $257 sq. ft. Though adequate as a home office or cabana, plumbing and electrical are not included.
M-House Europe approx. $250 sq. ft. and that doesn't include installation. Modern box, built in Europe and may be shipped to location anywhere in world.
Noble Home Massachussets $5 - 100 sq. ft. depending on how much work you are willing to put in. And very, very green. Check these guys out if you're in the NE United States. More pics on their Facebook pages.
Panel Concepts Mio, Michigan Panelized cabins including custom plans. Minimal tools required.
Reclaimed Space Austin, TX Small portable houses built of reclaimed building materials. Cute, rustic, tiny houses can be built in place or on a trailer frame. Greener than average construction, the smallest is 14' x 20'.
Rocio Romero
Perryville, MO LV Home Series of modern kit homes. Cool, ultra modern kits. The price is not bad, if you have the land, foundation, and utilities in. Will ship throughout US.
Sidekick Homes by Denver, CO Sidekick Homes are designed as accessory dwelling units for use as secondary homes for aging parents or kids not quite on their own. They are universally designed according to accessability standards regardless of an individuals mobility. Two-story units have elevators. About $200 per sq. ft. exclusive of land, foundation, etc.
Sustain Design Studio Toronto, Canada miniHome kits are 12' wide x 33' and come in a different configurations. Very modern.
Tumbleweed Houses   One of the premier small house plan and kit home companies. This is more than a business ... it's a life mission. The plans and kits are so nicely done, it's easy to forgive the cost which runs between $100 and $200 per sq. ft.
Zamore Homes Houston, TX Flat pack houses can be shipped to the builder. Simple design and clear instructions allows a contractor to assemble a home in less than 20 weeks.


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