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Building a Small Home

Building a home is a big decision, even when it is a little house. Unfortunately most of us are on budgets so deciding how much we can afford focuses us on the size and amenities we choose.

Designing and building a small home can make it easier to afford a home in a neighborhood that may otherwise be out of your financial reach. As an added financial incentive maintenance. insurance, and property taxes will all be lower for smaller, less pricey homes.

Beyond the financial and design considerations though, there may be other obstacles such as building codes and restrictions on homes below a certain size or requirements that they have certain amenities.

And what do you want to build? Do you crave a cozy traditional style bungalow but with the latest sustainable technology or a cutting-edge get off the grid Earthship? Maybe you are pondering co-housing with friends?

We'll provide inspiration from the past and explore new ideas that will allow you to reduce your footprint and live well.

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